We help businesses prosper and grow in competitive environments.

We are a team of specialists in marketing strategies, brand building and digital transformation. We help start-ups, agencies, small and medium-sized companies to set a clear plan and achieve their short-term and long-term business goals.

We connect business and marketing

The right approach is not just about advertising – we will evaluate the communication of your competitive advantage, analyse the market in which you operate and where you want to expand, open the question of product economics and available options. We will set up your strategy to maximise your chances of success.

  • Business models and strategic scenarios
  • Marketing strategy
  • Multichannel strategy
  • Data analytics, reporting and controlling
  • Project and process management

We build for the digital age

Digitisation creates instantly tangible value and benefits in saving financial and human capital. Freeing this capital helps you expand your business. We create solutions that accelerate change, support significant growth and achieve goals, regardless of whether you are building a new digital product on a greenfield or you need to digitise internal tools.

  • Digital transformation and innovation
  • Identifying and solving usability problems
  • UX audit and design based on data and analysis
  • Customer journey and experience

We build brands

A modern brand for the digital age is an essential support for functioning strategies. By understanding your competitive environment, we will help you define your vision, mission, values, verbal and visual brand identity and market position. We will design customer journeys, identify critical contact points and develop hypotheses for a problem-free customer experience.

  • Pillars of a good brand – vision, mission, essence
  • Qualitative and quantitative surveys
  • Brand identity
  • Mapping the journey and the customer experience


We first ask questions than provide answers

We first ask questions than provide answers

Marketing is not synonymous with advertising

This simple misunderstanding often leads to an incomplete marketing strategy and results in significant inefficiencies relative to the resources expended. Marketing covers most of the business activities and means of generating income.

Marketing strategy

  • Michal Kuchta

    branding & storytelling

    Michal specialises in branding, content marketing and storytelling. As an external marketing manager, he has produced several successful international crowdfunding campaigns and provided content marketing for corporate clients and successful startups.

  • Peter Duch

    marketing strategy & growth

    Peter is an experienced marketing manager focusing on optimising and creating marketing strategies and processes, BI and data analytics. He led an international marketing team with 14 members in 10 European countries.

  • Juraj Karlík


    Juraj has extensive experience in sales, marketing and team-leading. In addition, he has led businesses on internal & external project levels.

  • Erik Gasper


    Erik specialises in establishing marketing activities based on data analysis. Using data analytics, he helps e-commerce and other businesses to grow.

  • Filip Stanko


    Filip is an accomplished graphic designer and UI/UX specialist. His graphic designs are a pragmatic combination of experience and aesthetic artistry.

  • Jarmila G. Gaľová


    Jarka's ample experience in marketing ranges from being a marketing specialist & copywriter to acting as an event manager.

  • Simona Baková


    Simona enjoys writing, and she has extensive experience as a content creator, community manager and customer service specialist.

  • Richard Rovinský

    HR & SALES

    Richard is a sales representative and HR consultant specialising in building teams, supporting healthy company culture, and hiring new talents.


We are ready. Are you?

Are you starting a greenfield project, do you need help with strategic marketing in a well-established business, or are you solving the problem of how to grow your business and expand? We are ready for new challenges.

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